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Beginning the Foundation

Dr. Okey Anueyiagu is a Nigerian businessman, investor, teacher, author, philanthropist, humanitarian, and the founder
of Dr. Okey Anueyiagu Foundation.

He has always had a passion for improving our communities. He has provided educational scholarships for children to attend Secondary Schools, and Universities. His concern for under privileged families recently led him to build houses and shelters for several families. In 2003 he organized an international art exhibition in London, featuring Nigerian artists, and proceeds from the exhibition partly contributed to the building of an orphanage in Awka.

In 2010, Dr. Okey Anueyiagu established a Foundation for the purposes of improving the quality of life in the communities through the education of children, and the provision of other essential amenities and services in several localities that will ameliorate the difficulties encountered by local and less fortunate families.

The Foundation is building schools and providing well trained and dedicated teachers with the tools needed to give children the ability to learn to their fullest potential, in very conducive environment.

In addition, the Foundation is embarking in the establishment of a library, as well as a museum of art and culture, in Awka. These initiatives are being embarked by the Foundation as means of improving the educational advancement and awareness of the communities.


The Foundation’s mission is to help improve the educational standard of children in our local communities, as well as create a reawakening and appreciation of the arts and cultural heritage of our people.

Our desire is to empower disadvantage children with the opportunity to become the future leaders in our society, through the promotion and sponsorship of programmes in education, healthcare, shelters, portable drinking water supply, the art and culture, and other lifesaving and sustenance activities.


  1. The vision of the Foundation is to offer opportunities to children who have been identified to be living under severe psychological and socio-economic conditions. We aim to help them develope normally under decent environment.
  2. To improve the awareness of people in the appreciation and love of the arts and their cultural heritage, by providing centres for the promotion of arts and culture and organizing and sponsoring arts and cultural events.
  3. To collaborate with organizations and agencies to protect and conserve the natural environment and improve the health of individuals.